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Who We Are

Patman Productions Inc. offers a wide range of production services to satisfy ALL your needs in staging a special event or promotion. Our user-friendly, cost effective team are able to assist you with the planning, activation and completion of your project.

Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success. Their expertise and capabilities win us the work, perform the work, and create value for our clients. Our employees are flexible to change, challenges and strive to experience the satisfaction of a job well done.

Founded by Patrick Weeks, Pat leads the company with 24 years direct industry experience. His military background provides order and a team service approach to all his interactions. Pat's extensive knowledge and mannerisms create a reputation that is often requested by name only.

In charge of the daily operations, Shelly Weeks, CEO, is able to work directly with the client to determine their needs, outline an agenda, problem solve and still meet the project's budget.

Our Office Manager, Spenser Weeks, has an extensive skill-set in business and personnel management. Being the eldest of Pat and Shelly's 5 children, Spenser has grown up in the business and has worked his way up since he was 15, by working as Stage Crew, Event Staff, a Production Runner, and Security Guard/Supervisor. Spenser provides a high level of continuity and professionalism to both staff and clients alike.

Harry Brar is a very experienced member of our team. Working as an Event Coordinator and Security Supervisor, Harry has also grown up with PATMAN, having worked his way up in the same fashion Spenser Weeks has. Harry's steadiness and understanding of an events requirements has made him another valuable asset to the PATMAN Productions Management team.

Contact Patman Productions today. Let them assist you in producing the most entertaining event possible, with a safe environment, a cost effective budget, and a strong cohesive team. A well run event is a success for everyone!